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Work we have done and what it has achieved

What we have achieved

One of the main achievements of the ATG has been the creation of a platform which unites and actively represents Australian Tattooists. 

The work of the ATG, in consultation with the profession continues to create a responsible and professional identity for the Australian tattooing community. 

The ATG have previously held several member exhibitions which have highlighted the exceptional talent of Australian tattooists. It is one of the aims of the organisation to continue to raise events which showcase its members work. 

The focus of any work the ATG undertakes with Governments is done in an endeavour to raise awareness of the high level of practice within the art form, the culture of the profession and ensure that any potential future regulation is informed and positively supports the profession. 

Through the work of the ATG and the support of its members the following outcomes have been achieved:

  • The former Tattoo Parlours Act QLD 2013 was renamed the Tattoo Industry Act 2013

  • Repeal of the use of secret criminal intelligence in the determination of license applications under the QLD Act

  •   A person can now be given the reason for the decision if their license application is denied under the QLD Act

  •  Licensees can renew their license, rather than having to reapply each year under the QLD Act

  •  Licenses can be renewed for a period of 1-3 years, rather than only 1 year under the QLD Act

  •  Renewing applicants to rely on finger and palm prints previously collected for tattoo license renewals which previously had to be resubmitted on renewal under the QLD Act

  • Visiting tattooists can receive more than 2 permits per year under the QLD Act

  •  Removal of the requirement to secure identification of Landlord in application of an operator’s license under the QLD Act

  • Consultation with the S.A Government influenced the decision to implement a registration scheme rather than a licensing scheme for use within the Tattoo Industry Act S.A 2016

  • Input to various Government and independent reviews has informed the commonly held perception of the profession

  • Submission presented to the NSW Government re Tattoo Parlours Act review 2018. (add this- new section)

  • Consultation and campaigning in NSW continues to raise awareness around the profession

The ATG continue to play a vital support role for members of the profession who are experiencing difficulties with licensing issues as well as assisting its members with any issues they experience in their working practice. 

Work we have done

Below is a chronologically ordered list of the documentation prepared by the ATG for submission to various Government Taskforce and reviews. Information regarding the culture of the tattoo industry both current and historical can also be found within some of these documents.

An insight into the working evolution of the ATG can be gained by reading these documents in their chronological order.

The ATG Committee sincerely thank all the great men and women of the professional tattooing community who have contributed to the ongoing development of the work of our organisation.

Thanks also to the many academics, legal practitioners, members of Government, Independent Organisations, members of the public and the media who continue to support us.

Special thanks to Civil Liberties Australia for their substantial contribution and support to the work of the ATG.

Links to Government Legislation and Health Act's can be found at the bottom of this page.

The effect of red tape on occupational licensing

In May 2018 the ATG were formally invited to present a submission to the Select Senate Inquiry into Red Tape.

May 2018 - Member Consultation 

May 2018 - Development of draft submission

May 2018 - Submit to review

The ATG Submission to the Federal Senate Inquiry into Red Tape can be viewed here



Submission to the NSW Tattoo Parlours ACT Review 2017

In May 2017 the NSW Justice Department announced a review into the Tattoo Parlours Act NSW 2012

MAY-JUNE - 2017 - Member Consultation

JUNE 2017 -Development of draft submission

JULY 2017 - Presentation of final draft to Members

AUG 2017 - Submit to review

The ATG Submission to the NSW TPA Review can be viewed here



You can view the ATG Submission re: Licensing and Regulation of the Tattoo Industry in Australia here:

ATG Submission 2015 

MAY 2014 - Development of ATG Research Document  

May 2014 - Development of accompaniment Submission by Civil Liberties Australia (CLA)

AUG 2014 - First ATG Draft Submission 

SEP 2014 – JAN 2015 Draft open for consultation of profession

FEB 2015 - Second Draft open for consultation of profession

MAY 2015 - Final Draft presented to profession

JUNE 2015 – PUBLISHED ATG/CLA Submission – NSW Government

JUNE 2015 – PUBLISHED ATG/CLA Submission – QLD government

AUGUST 2015 – Submitted to VLRC (Victorian Law Reform Commission)

AUGUST 2015 – Submitted to Commission on Organised Crime QLD

You can view the Civil Liberties Australia accompaniment submission below:

CLA Submission


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