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To whom it may concern, 

As a senior Tattooist in the industry I have found the ATG to have an extensive knowledge of the Tattoo Industry and more importantly the history of how the industry has evolved over the many years of it’s existence, coupled with their strong understanding of the workings of Legislation and Parliament they provide a much needed voice for the Tattoo industry. 

The support provided by the ATG to my wife and myself recently was second to none when I found myself a victim of legislation created by a lack of knowledge of the industry by Government and because of this I have encouraged other senior Tattooist to engage the help of the ATG as more often than not it is the Professionals of our industry that are affected by the Legislation. 

Therefore, I give my endorsement to The Australian Tattooist Guild should anyone wish to contact me to discuss anything further my contact details are in my letterhead

Regards,  Steve (Chook) Adams, May 14th 2020 

In support of the Australian Tattooers Guild In July 2018
I had my application for a NSW Tattooers license denied and it devastated my life. I applied in 2014 and never heard a word about it till I was denied. I have been tattooing for 16 years and owned a shop for 8 years. I do not have a criminal record only speeding fines. After speaking to another tattooers group who told me to get a lawyer an offered no help I got put onto the Guild. The experience I had with this group changed the way I see things. They went above and beyond what any lawyer would have done an helped me at every step understand what was going on and how it could be changed an gave me the confidence to represent myself and I won it took nearly 6 months but we got there. I can’t express how much I appreciate what was done for me these guys are the industry’s hope for the future.
Cheers Tash bloody legend mate.

Peter Elliott, Sydney, 19th March 2019 

The changing landscape of Australian Tattooing presents new and unforeseen challenges for tattooers and tattoo shop owners. The guidance and advice that the Guild has given me, has been invaluable in navigating the maze of red tape and bureaucracy that I now find myself in. They are an amazing resource, an essential part of our community and deserve all our support. Cheerio!
Matthew Cunnington Jan 26th 2018 

To whom it may concern,

I Michael Owen am writing to state my full endorsement of the Australian Tattooist Guild.

I recently had to challenge the NSW Police Commissioner and Department of Fair Trading to overturn the decision to deny my application for a tattooist license on the grounds that I am an "unfit and unproven person".

With the support and endorsement of the Australian Tattooist Guild I successfully overturned the decision and can now legally practice as a tattoo artist in NSW.

I am truly grateful for the Guild for all their support and advice during what was an extremely difficult time for me.

Michael Owen, 26th June 2017

My name is Adrian Dominic, I am a tattooer and a painter from Phoenix, Arizona in the US. About a year and a half ago ago, I decided to move to Australia to be able to be a part of the local art and tattooing movement, as I have been inspired by the momentum and enthusiasm I have seen from artists and collectives there. I also wanted to be closer to my loving partner, Laura Marshall, who is also an amazing tattoo artist. When I started the process for my residency visa, the Dept. of Immigration needed an agency that was officially able to provide confirmations of my claims as an artist both local in the states and globally. They also required the same vetting process of the person who nominated me for professional residency. The Australian Tattooist Guild was able to do just that. The letter and positive feedback to the Department from the Australian Tattooist Guild provided was pivotal in my ability to obtain professional residency. With the requirements so tough and expectations so high, I often felt discouraged and in doubt as to whether or not I would be granted my visa. But I did it, I obtained my visa, and I am happy to say I am moving to Melbourne to tattoo full time and finally be with Laura in July. Without the Australian Tattooist Guild, this may not have been possible. Thank you so much for your efforts and input, we greatly appreciate it.

Sincerely, Adrian Dominic 14th April 2016 

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