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Ink Standard

16th February 2022 - Talks with the QHD working group recommence. Stakeholders were invited to attend round table talks to discuss the departments latest draft model for an Ink standard. Prior to the round table talks, the ATG requested a list of all manufacturers who had been consulted with during the development of the latest draft. During the roundtable, it became apparent that the consultation undertaken by the department was unsatisfactory. The ATG sought a pause in the discussions in order to undertake consultations with manufacturers. The ATG committed to providing the department with a report which documented the findings of the orgs consultations and research.

February - May 2022 - ATG Committee Members held online meetings with manufacturers in the USA and EU. Meetings were also held with Toxicologists, Chemists, Suppliers and Industry Members.

16th May 2022 - ATG Report “Report to the QLD Health Department into the Development of a Ink Standard for the State of QLD” was presented to the QHD working group. This report can be viewed below.

Download PDF • 413KB

At the time of this update, no formal response to the report has been provided.

The ATG continues to monitor this situation and updates shall be provided as the situation evolves.

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